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Your workout will be tailored to meet your goals, current condition and your lifestyle. There are no cookie cutter routines, and I will design a routine from scratch to maximize your progress.

Day to day, your routine vary greatly. There’s a reason for this: your body is a very adaptive organism, and to continually force the body to change, new stimuli have to be introduced to it on a regular basis. That means as your body adapts (gets stronger and leaner) the workouts become increasingly more difficult. Each client is different, and each client’s weaknesses will be eliminated through specific training toward those weaknesses.

I will measure your progress regularly to ensure that you are on the right track to exceed your fitness goals. I constantly modify your routine, to help you continuously make the most progress possible.

During your routine, you will transform your physique by gaining muscle and losing body fat, become more flexible, more resistant to aches and pains, better cardiovascular conditioned, and will begin to look and feel better immediately.

My goal is simple: after your initial round of personal training sessions with me, I want you to continue to make progress on your own – this is why we teach you as much as possible about what you need to do, both in exercise and nutrition. Each time we meet for a training session I want it to be a learning experience, not just a regular workout – in a short time, you’ll be ready to exercise with or without out me.

My name is David Hoptar. My mission is to provide REAL FITNESS, FAT LOSS and PERSONAL TRAINING SOLUTIONS to real people. I do not believe in the one size fits all approach which is common in today’s society.

25 + years of experience in STRENGTH TRAINING, NUTRITIONAL COUNSELING, SELF DEFENSE, REHABILITATION WORK, to draw on and as the PROGRAM INSTRUCTOR and NUTRITIONAL COUNSELOR for Isagenix, I know exactly what works and what doesn’t, not only in terms of training results and approach but in terms of implementing an actual approach into your lifestyle.

I have an extensive list of references to validate my experience and skills I posses. I have listed a few of the below, and will list additional references in the near future.

As part of MY SERVICES I offer to new clients, you may request a FREE CONSULTATION and we will together work to map out a successful plan to meet your goal.

Please refer to MY SERVICES web page to read more about the SERVICES I offer and to learn more about how you can benefit from MY SERVICES if you so choose to enroll. Once you have reviewed my website and I am confident that you will find that I am more than just your average personal trainer, please submit your online CONSULTATION REQUEST and I will contact you with in 24 hours.

More about David Hoptar / Scottsdale AZ Personal Trainer – David Hoptar has the right personality and skills in order to allow you to excel. David has 40+ years of experience and has numerous certifications. His experience and proficiency allows him to train celebrities, athletes, and everyone else. For more information on how to contact David Hoptar click here.

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