Scottsdale AZ Personal Trainer Testimonials

When I joined the gym, I asked them to pair me up with the most experienced trainer they had, which was David. I told him I wanted to build muscle mass. Using the techniques David showed me, over a 3 month period I went from 175lb to 189lb, all lean muscle. I’ve also seen tremendous improvements in my lower back, which used to hurt frequently, through using stretching and core techniques David showed me. I highly recommend this trainer. The dude knows his stuff.

Michael Bowman – Carlsbad

My name is Joel R. Dominguez and I recently attended one of your Personal Trainer certification courses instructed by David Hoptar and would like to express to you what a great experience it was. I would like to begin by thanking you for the level of professionalism that David projected through his extensive experience and education, not to mention, his very approachable personality. There didn’t seem to be a question that he could not offer an answer to or a direction to find one. David was also more than willing to get down and dirty throughout the training to show the proper methods and procedures when training a client. I can honestly say that his experience in the industry was a definite compliment to the course by explaining some of the “in’s and out’s” of pursuing a fulfilling career in Personal Training. The facility (PureFitness) in which we were instructed was a great environment to get the hands on training that could not be explained in the textbook. Altogether, I would have to say it was a great experience and I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in strong start in this industry. Thanks again, and I hope too be in business with you again. Stayin’ Fit, Joel R. Dominguez.

Joel Dominguez –

David is a dedicated Trainer and Nutritionist. He’s very knowledgeable and personable. David has been my trainer for two years and I’m now in better shape than I was 20 years ago as a result of his tutelage. He always has a constructive comment for me whenever I visit the gym and I totally recommend his services.

Tom L’Esperance – Carlsbad

I’ve known David since 1986. Ever since I’ve known David, he has consistently been health; body; and mind conscious. He lives it, and is an example of it. David has always treated his body like a Temple. He has inspired me throughout the years, and I have my mind; body, and good health to thank because of David. As we know, nothing is more important than keeping in tune with our health. When you have your health, your mind and body will always be in tune. David is my hero! ~Sebastian Orange County, CA.

Sebastian Ragazzo – Orange County, CA –

Cutting edge workout…always a pleasure to workout with Dave. His professionalism, personality & positive outlook always prove to be a winning experience. I look forward to our time together. We trained 3x a week for 8 months. What a treat!

Stacey M

David has been a great trainer. He has been very responsible and reliable, as well as a great motivator. He is also very knowledgeable about nutrition as well. He is a very warm and sincere person, and I would certainly recommend him.

Marilyn F

Dave was absolutely the best. At age 50 I was trying to loose 40 lbs and get off the darn couch. He made it simple and was always there to support me when I fell back into old habits. 6 years later the weight has never crept back..I am still doing his program and I feel more energized now than I did at 30…

Lisa S

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